The Hotel

Villa Maria, a little jewel of a building with a strong Liberty atmosphere, is situated in the main square nearest the harbour and a two minutes walk away from the beaches and the Spas.

Its interior decor, starting with well proportioned rooms with paintings by well known authors, its restaurant with its local traditional cuisine, the roof garden that allows to relax as well as conversation areas, the view from the terrace of the breathtaking Aragonese Castle and above all the warm welcome by the owners the Della Vecchia family, all contribute to make your sojourn memorable and introduce you to the pleasure of Slow Living.

The Restaurant

A large and luminous salon will welcome your meals from breakfast to
lunch and to dinner. The menus reflect a lot of the traditional local island food and follow the seasonal market, with the accompaniment of local wines from Ischia and the Campania region.

The best of our island and Mediterranean tradition will add a sensorial experience through all the flavors. Our gastronomy is part of our heritage and reflects our traditions and our conviviality.

Our Menus

A rich menu of about 30 dishes will allow you to discover our traditional food and will enrich your voyage with enjoyable emotions. One of our most common seasonal and very tasty dish is “Spaghetti with fresh tomatoe and basil ” or “Fresh fish baked with fresh tomato, garlic and parsley”.
Our breakfast selection includes freshly baked croissants and home made
cakes. Lunch and Dinner are never without fresh vegetables either raw or cooked, first and second courses and fruit and dessert. Our menus are palatable and appreciated by almost everyone. One of our traditional local dish is a very tasty “Pot roasted rabbit”. Among out desserts there are a “Caprese cake” for lovers of chocolate and the Neapolitan “Pastiera” a cake with a filling of fresh wheat and ricotta cheese, which is usually baked for Easter
– Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce
– Traditional St. Anne menu: Rabbit “a la cacciatora” with aubergine
– Aubergine Parmesan
– Rabbit “a l’ Ischitana” a pot roast rabbit
– Fresh fish baked with fresh tomato, garlic and parsley
-Neapolitan wheat and ricotta cake